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ISSN : 1598-6721(Print)
ISSN : 2288-0771(Online)
The Korean Society of Manufacturing Process Engineers Vol.3 No.3 pp.86-92

A Fundamental Study on Bingham Characteristics of Electro-Rheological Fluids for Control System Application

Jang, Sung-Cheol,Jeong, Young-Bin,Jang, Gil-Sik,


This paper describes the properties of temperature-viscosity characteristics of hydrous and anhydrous electro-rheological fluids containing starch and titanium particle in silicone oil ER effects arise from electrostatic forces between the starch particles and titanium particles dispersed to the electrically insulating silicone oil induced when electric field is applied ER fluids under electric field control have been found to provide resonable estimates of ER fluid viscosity variation characteristics. Yield shear stress of the ER fluids were measured the couette cell type rheometer as a function of electrlc fields. The outer cup is connected to positive electrode(+) and bob becomes ground(-). The electrie field is applied by high voltage DC power supply. In this experiment shear rates were increased from 0 to 200 $s^{-1}$ in 2 minutes. The ER fluid's viscosity change is very small and stable at the temperature range of $40^{\circ}C$ to $60^{\circ}C$. Therefore, applications of a new ER fluid to control systems application are suitable.