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ISSN : 1598-6721(Print)
ISSN : 2288-0771(Online)
The Korean Society of Manufacturing Process Engineers Vol.4 No.4 pp.14-20

The Cutting Characteristics of Rotary Tools Using Regression Analysis

Maeng, Min-Jae,Jang, Sung-Min,


This paper deals with the study of feasibility of rotary carbide tools in the machining of aluminium alloy. A rotary tool holder was designed and manufactured for this work. Experiments were performed using Taguchi methods and regression analysis to analyse the influence of various factors and their interactions on the cutting characteristics of rotary carbide tools during machining. The cutting force is influenced the most greatly at the inclination angle. The surface roughness is influenced distinctly at depth of cut. It deduced an equation to predict cutting force and surface roughness. Hence, it could be concluded here that the proposed model agrees with the experimental data satisfactorily.