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ISSN : 1598-6721(Print)
ISSN : 2288-0771(Online)
The Korean Society of Manufacturing Process Engineers Vol.13 No.2 pp.55-63

Optimization of Sheet Metal Forming Process Based on Two-Attribute Robust Design Methodology

Kim, Kyung-Mo,Yin, Jeong-Je,Park, Jong-Cheon,


Fractures and wrinkles are two major defects frequently found in the sheet metal forming process. The process has several noise factors that cannot be ignored when determining the optimal process conditions. Therefore, without any countermeasures against noise, attempts to reduce defects through optimal design methods have often led to failure. In this study, a new and robust design methodology that can reduce the possibility of formation of fractures and wrinkles is presented using decision-making theory. A two-attribute value function is presented to form the design metric for the sheet metal forming process. A modified complex method is adopted to isolate the optimal robust design variables. One of the major limitations of the traditional robust design methodology, which is based on an orthogonal array experiment, is that the values of the optimal design variables have to coincide with one of the experimental levels. As this restriction is eliminated in the complex method, a better solution can be expected. The procedure of the proposed method is illustrated through a robust design of the sheet metal forming process of a side member of an automobile body.

2속성 강건 설계를 이용한 박판성형공정의 최적화